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Having a healthy mindset can help you power through challenges and live life to the fullest.

Michelle Snowsill Herlistic Nutrition

Hi, my name is Michelle
and I am your Holistic Nutritionist

I live on the beautiful south coast just south of Sydney in the lovely coastal village of Thirroul.

I love the coastal lifestyle, have always loved the water and try to swim most days. I have been a sporty person and have given my body a thrashing over the years which resulted in injury. I have learnt you need to become more in tune with your body and more nurturing of it.

I have developed a passion for female reproductive and hormonal health, partly because I am in my perimenopausal years (that is the years that can be hormonal upheaval before your final menstrual period. But also due to my amazing mentors in clinical practice.

Clinical Nutritionist

As a clinical nutritionist, my philosophy is to treat the body as a whole in the most natural way through nutrition and wellness. Creating a healthy mindset is vitally as important. We are all truly unique individuals therefore it is crucial to receive individualised holistic assessment to get to the root cause of any ailment or disease. Alongside evidence-based principles, pathology and if necessary functional testing, my aim is to help guide you along with your own inherent wisdom to become a healthier, happier, more vital you.

Herlistic Nutrition Holistic Health Logo
Herlistic Nutrition Holistic Health Logo

Healthy Eating

Food is the fuel to keep us energised and strong. Real food has a powerful effect on the body when it comes to disease prevention and longevity. However, I see so many people with a poor diet’s feeling fatigued, tired and suffering with digestive and hormonal issues. This is heavily due to our heavily processed diets and the burden of environmental toxins. I want to help you change your relationship and behaviour with food, minute changes can have profound effects on our health. Vitally as important are our lifestyle choices when it comes to physical and mental health. Lifestyle strategies are a crucial part of overall wellness and are always considered as part of an holistic treatment plan.

We help you build the right foundations for health – including a healthy frame of mind (We believe this is a key element that many people miss!)

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